• Getting Your PR Message Across!

    Getting Your PR Message Across!

My strength? Getting your PR message across by creation and delivery of high-value content. In other words: explaining high-tech to stakeholders: press, management, communities, advisors, analysts, users and personnel. Online, in print and in real life. If your business is tech, like in Information Technology (IT), I can help you out.

With more than thirty years of experience I am one of the more senior high-tech business writers and communications specialists in The Netherlands.

My expertise is particularly in the areas of Cloud Computing, IT Infrastructures, Data Science, Customer Interaction, SaaS, eBusiness, Information Security and, Business Intelligence. I am especially familiar with topics such as implementation, use and management of new technology.

The channels I use to reach your stakeholders are mainly online: Twitter, LinkedIn, FaceBook and the like. And good old telephone and e-mail as they still may be effective.

You can pick from a broad range of communication services, either provided by myself or in co-operation with local and international partners.

I am looking forward to working with you…!

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